Supporting families and students

Connecting Mountain's People

Public Schools are fully government funded schools and as such provide a completely free access to school. ( no school fees). Those schools are often lacking equipment and stationaries , and include often children from very impoverished families. At occasions, some teachers might be missing to ensure a complete and quality education.

In total over 600 children across the various locations within Solu DudhKunda Municipality. In 2022 SoluCham has provided for the following donations :
  • Distribution of School bags and stationaries to all the children
  • Distribution of baby clothing to nursery classes for the most needing
  • Distribution of 12000 exercise books , catering for the needs of every children for one calendar year
  • Electricity bills and access for Shree Siddha School in Salle ( area of Thingla)
  • Toilets & Sink rebuilding/refurbishing in Shree Chandra Jyoti School ( area of Thingla)
  • Supply of volunteering English Teacher in Shree Sekarsing School ( Garma)
Together with its Nepali Counter part , Sherpa Children Assistance Association, SoluCham will as well direct sponsoring of Scholarship towards the selected most needed pupils, coming from the most impoverished families. Yet, our conditions will remain clear that Scholarship provided bear the obligation for the families receiving that their child must attend school on an absolute regular basis, and follow all the cursus provided. Failure to do so is putting a stop at the support and the initially supported child is then replaced by a new comer.