Public Schools are fully government funded schools and as such provide a completely free access to school.
Those schools are often lacking equipment and stationaries , and include often children from very impoverished families.
At occasions, some teachers might be missing to ensure a complete and quality education.
Public schools supported are currently located in Junbesi, Beni, Garma and Thingla area.

School equipment & Stationaries supplies
Provision of Volunteering teachers
Settlement of utilities bills (electricity, internet)
Maintenance & Upgrade of premises
School equipment & Stationaries supplies
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Over 600 children helped !


The needs of local people.


The necessary resources to the actions implemented


Support & donations where needed

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FROM 2022

A close collaboration

Together with its Nepali Counter part, Sherpa Children Assistance Association, Solu^Cham will as well direct sponsoring of Scholarship towards the selected most needed pupils, coming from the most impoverished families.

Every year, Solucham will have a mission in Solu^Khumbu to distribute the scholarships.

We will collect the photos and the results of godson/daughter and will enable correspondence with you. 

Scholarship Sponsoring 1 of 2

Scholarship Sponsoring 2 of 2


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