Improving Hygiene and Healthcare

Connecting Mountain's People

Along with education, access to health care is one of the primary human rights. In the upper valleys of Solu Khumbu, force is to say that quite often there is no such facility in the vicinity of the inhabitants, at least not everywhere. Hence the idea , to make available such remote health posts as first-aid facility for the villagers living far away from an hospital /clinic.

The Health Post vocation is not to replace/compete with a full fledge well equipped hospital, but to provide as much as possible :

  • First aid care for basic injuries ( cuts, falls, open wounds…) avoiding potential infection and procuring eventually first necessary strapping/band aids / etc…

  • Provide and spread with the population good health practices in general, and in case of pandemic in particular and provide with relevant kits (when available)

  • Establish first simple diagnostic for simple affections with clear diagnostics such as diarrheas, flu, headaches etc… and provide with relevant medicines

  • Coordinate with closest hospital/doctor for evacuation in case of more serious disease and/or unsure diagnostic

Lorraine Nepal association has built and support two Health Posts in Solu Khumbu, namely in Salabesi and Ringmo.

SoluCham will in turn further support these centers, in providing with  donations in form of money and/or medicines and wound dressing pads/ bandages and/or further enhancements of the centers, with the validation of Lorraine Nepal.