Providing support to Primary schools

Connecting mountain's people

Lorraine Nepal is a French Association which has been created in 1997, by -among others- the father of one member of Solu ^ Cham. Their main activity has been -and still is- to promote Education & Health in Solu-Khumbu, focusing in particular on bringing small kids ( from nursery to class 6 ) at school. They successfully completed the construction of 4 schools located in Charghare, Tumbuk, Salabesi and Phera. They are participating to the running costs of these schools by funding salaries of part of the teachers, providing uniforms to children and sponsoring scholarship of the children through private donations. Solu ^ Cham in turn, commits itself to support these schools where ever the current administrator ( Lorraine Nepal) is short of resources, whenever possible. This translates for example in 2022 in :
  • Donation of School bags and stationaries for all the children of the 4 schools
  • Providing heaters and foam flooring for the 3 classrooms ( from nursery to class 2) in Phera School
  • Providing sunglasses to most needed mothers and children
On the other hand, Solu ^ Cham will not direct their Sponsorpship for Scholarship towards LN Schools as these are already catered for by others.

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