Participants Code of Conduct



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Code of Conduct

Participants Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct encompasses the good practices and proper behavior necessary to operations/travels and interactions with children and local communities in particular. It takes into consideration also the fact that we are often travelling/working in groups and , quite often in high altitude environments.


Within this framework, the following points should be applied and kept in mind:

1. All participants must endeavor to take note of information and training given to them and take responsibility for themselves and each other. The Leader will be responsible for taking any disciplinary measures (for example terminating the Participant's trip and ejecting them from the team) as a result of any Participants misbehaving or otherwise failing to comply with their obligations.

2. As a Solucham representative in the field, the participant could, by failing to observe his/his obligations cause the loss of property, injury to themselves or another participant, and have a detrimental effect on Solu ^ Cham's standing and reputation with the projects and country we work and travel in.

3. The participant should also be aware of his/her "duty of care" to both other participants and local people.


1. Motivation & Morale. The Venture may involve (at best) fatigue and discomfort, and (at worst) having to deal with unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury, extreme weather conditions and even violent crime. Therefore the Participant should try at all times to do everything within his/her power to keep up motivation and morale, without blinding them to the seriousness or gravity of any given situation.

2. Group Dynamics. The Participant should be aware of, look out for any behavior which is likely to be divisive and/or disrupt the Venture. Such behavior includes sexual harassment, mental or physical bullying, and non-constructive rivalry between Participants etc.

3. Attitude. It is not uncommon for the team to face problems resulting from arduous conditions, failure of plans, frustration with local events etc. In these instances Team morale can be undermined rapidly especially if participants display negative attitudes, as it will very quickly filter through the whole team. If at any time the participant feels that the problems lie with the organization of the Venture, in particular if they feels that those problems may have resulted in a mishap which they is then having to deal with, they should always put their thoughts, feelings and suggestions to their Leader confidentially.

4. Awareness. The Participants must understand that there is an inherent risk in the pursuance of a adventure travel due to the very elements that make it so appealing (location overseas, adventurous activities, in-experienced groups of travelers, etc).

However Solu^ Cham is a safe organization that engenders a culture of safety amongst all its Participants, Leaders, Representatives and Associates.


Participants should adhere to the following behavior guidelines.

1. Inappropriate Relationships.
Sexual (or any other inappropriate) relationships with other Participants and/or local people are not encouraged. Such behavior can have a devastating effect on team morale, cohesion and emotional stability. Sexual relationships with children are prohibited.

2. Alcohol.
Solu ^ Cham does not enforce a ban on alcohol on ventures, however Participants should at no time drink to extremes thus losing control in a way that is dangerous to both themselves and the rest of the team. Such events should be relaxing and promote team building with the safety of the Participants of paramount consideration.
Special consideration must be given to the implications of socializing in public places frequented by the local populace, especially after dark and both the safety and cultural implications of this.

Drinking in the presence / vicinity of children is not accepted.

3. Smoking.
Solucham recommends that smoking should be discouraged during the Venture. This is due to considerations of health, especially during heavy exercise and at high altitudes. There are also considerations related to the risk of fire. While carrying out project work with or in sight of local children, participants shall not be permitted to smoke. This is based on the grounds of moral responsibility toward impressionable young people.

5. Courtesy and Demeanor.
Participants should at all times deal courteously with all individuals with whom they come into contact during the Venture, including the Students, other third parties involved in the Venture and any members of the local populace.

6. Drugs.
In this case a hard and fast rule as follows: The purchase, possession and/or use, of non- prescribed and/or illegal drugs by any participant during the venture is forbidden.

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