Equality of Opportunities



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Equality of Opportunities

This policy sets out Solucham’s approach to promoting Equality of Opportunity with the primary aim of providing equality for all and preventing any form of discrimination.

Policy aims

Who does the policy apply to?

The policy applies to all Solucham staff/members, volunteers and who are expected to adopt the same principles; contractors; consultants and any other third parties who carry out work Solucham’s behalf.

It additionally applied to participants, visitors, group leaders/representatives and volunteer staff and helpers in-country.

Selection and Acceptance of Participants

In addition to the general principles outlined above. Solu ^ Cham also undertakes to apply the principles and policy of Equal Opportunity to that of selection and acceptance of venture participants. It is expressly stated here that no applicant participant shall be discriminated against solely on the basis of the protected characteristics outlined above. In the event of certain participant characteristics being of direct relevance to their suitability to a given venture, direct dialogue will be engaged to investigate further. In circumstances where it is deemed necessary, Solu ^ Cham may seek the opinion of an expert in a given field, such as medicine, to inform any decisions. Where it is deemed appropriate, Solu ^ Cham do reserve the right to refuse an application to join a venture if it is concluded that it is not appropriate to the participant. This will only be concluded following a period of direct correspondence with the participant and a full explanation will be given.

Policy Statement

Solucham is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment to maximize the potential of all staff/members , volunteers and participants, providing equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and activity and avoiding both immoral and unlawful discrimination. Solucham will additionally not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimization of contracted employees/ volunteers or third parties who work on Solucham ’s behalf.


The key principles of this equal opportunities policy are to:
• provide equality for all
• promote an inclusive culture
• respect and value differences of everyone
• prevent discrimination, harassment and victimization
• promote and foster good relations across the workforce and with partners

The Law

The protected characteristics are:
• age
• disability ( unless contradictory to activity concerned)
• gender (or sex)
• gender reassignment
• race, nationality or ethnic origin
• religion or belief
• sexual orientation
• pregnancy and maternity ( unless medically not advised for the activity concerned)
• marriage and civil partnership

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